WTNYSeptember 26, 2003
BIG DAY: Playoff teams in two months
By Bryan Smith

Hey everyone, I want to start off today thanking my readers, this has been a record-setting hits week. I hope I can keep putting out quality for you to read, and give you a different way to look at baseball.

After a subpar week, I decided to write a lot today. In 9 seperate posts below, I've written about the upcoming offseason for all nine playoff teams or contenders (not Phillies). Here are the links to these pieces, if you want to pick just one, or scroll down and read them all. I'll be off on a vacation this weekend, ironic that my one chance comes on baseball's big weekend. Without further adieu, here are the links:

New York Yankees
Oakland A's
Minnesota Twins
Boston Red Sox
Atlanta Braves
San Francisco Giants
Florida Marlins
Chicago Cubs
Houston Astros