WTNYFebruary 14, 2004
New Home
By Bryan Smith

I've finally left Blogspot for a new home, and I'm lucky enough to be joining the powerful team of writers here at All-Baseball.com. I'd like to first thank my readers for making this possible, and secondly Christian Ruzich for inviting me to his establisment.

I'm especially excited to be joining a sensational team of writers that includes Ruzich, Will Carroll, Alex Belth, Jon Weisman, Peter White, and Mark McClusky. I'm in constant awe of what these guys produce, and I am still in disbelief that I can be found on the same URL as that group.

A few new features have been thrown onto the site:

- Leave Comments at the end of every post. I'm really happy about this, and I would love for my readers to comment as often as possible. I've seen the dialogue that other sites produce, and I hope we can do the same here.

- My link system is hardly finished, but I'm working on it. The daily reads are finished, and are the 15 or so sites that I must visit every day. It will be hard for blogs to break into this group, and it hardly means that other blogs aren't 'daily' material, I just haven't gotten there yet. The 'Blogs of Note' section is for the other blogs that I read, and for those people who request link exchanges. Blogs can come and go off this section, and I hope that anyone whose blog isn't on there will drop a line in the comment section so I can add it.

- Finally, you can search my archives or navigate through the calendar on my sidebar.

I hope the site looks as good to you as it does to me, and I want to thank the guys at All-Baseball again for having me...

Alex Rodriguez may or may not be headed to New York when I write this, but the rumors are already flying. While jumping from A-Rod to Soriano is a fantastic improvement, it still leaves one giant hole in the Yankee lineup.

If George becomes so enfatuated with Derek Jeter that he can't move him to the hot corner, I'll be sick. Alex Rodriguez is one of the games' best SS, and Jeter is among the worst. I think Derek could be a great third basemen, think Cal Ripken.

A-Rod would do great in New York, and it would greatly increase the team's chances of making the World Series. I'm really impressed that this team has gone so hard after a player of his caliber, and I'm in awe at the payroll that Steinbrenner will have next year. Winning is winning, and once again, every non-Yankee fan should be envious right now, because your owner doesn't care nearly as much as the Boss.

That's it for today, and I probably won't be making a post until Tuesday, but for now, leave me a comment.


Hey Bryan,
Congrats on the all.baseball connection! That's exciting for ya, I'm sure!
I forwarded your new link, and it will be corrected by Monday morning.
I really like the new format too, that will work well for you!
As for the Yankees/Rangers deal. Great trade for the Yankees, especially if they don't have to give up Contreras (and Navarro to a lesser degree). My personal opinion is that Jeter should move to 2B. First, A-Rod is a far better defensive SS. The Yankees seem set on moving one of them to 3B. I guess it makes more sense to me to move Jeter to second, and here's why:
With A-Rod and Jeter at SS and 3B, that means a combo of Miguel Cairo and Enrique Wilson at 2B. I would prefer to have A-Rod and Jeter and 2B and SS; then they can have the platoon of Tyler Houston and Mike Lamb at 3B. I think that's a better option!
Anyway, congrats again and have a great rest of the weekend!

Love the new blog look and congrats on making the all-baseball.com team. I'll make sure to update the link on my site.

Congrats on the move. I've been reading WTNY since the first week it was up (I believe it was Aaron Gleeman who pointed me to it, but I may be wrong) and along with Gleeman it is the only one I check every day for updates.

And damn the Yankees for A-Rod. It may be the best Red Sox team in the last hundred years, but it still hurts to see the guy the Sox chased going to the Yanks.

Congrats on the move Bryan, I've enjoyed your blog since its inception. I'll be updating your link on my blog. Good luck with the new setup!