WTNYFebruary 27, 2004
The Explanation of My Antics
By Bryan Smith

For those of us that write baseball, Spring Training is a way to not worry about topics for a month. Why? Previews. Everyone tries ‘em. From Gammons to Gleeman, from Prospectus to Primer, an average reader will sort through more thoughts on the Detroit Tigers RF situation than they could have ever dreamt about.

Yes, I will be joining the hoards of writers and produce my own preview of each team. But, this site is different than your average weblog, and I wanted my previews to uphold that principle. With that being said, the simplest explanation of my preview series is this: a review of the 2004 season. I will be writing from November, 2004, reminiscing on what the past season brought. My predictions will appear to be fact, as I run over the organization at both the Major and minor league levels, review mid-season acquisitions, and looking into the ‘upcoming’ offseason.

I really like this idea, it should clearly depict what I try and do at Wait ‘Til Next Year: bring the future to you. The basis of this plan was kindly given to me by Aaron Gleeman, one of the best writers in the biz. I randomly selected the order that I will present the teams in, and it goes as follows:

1. San Diego Padres
2. Montreal Expos
3. Tampa Bay Devil Rays
4. San Francisco Giants
5. Atlanta Braves
6. Seattle Mariners
7. Pittsburgh Pirates
8. Los Angeles Dodgers
9. Cleveland Indians
10. Texas Rangers
11. Kansas City Royals
12. Cincinnati Reds
13. Houston Astros
14. Chicago White Sox
15. St. Louis Cardinals
16. New York Mets
17. Baltimore Orioles
18. Arizona Diamondbacks
19. New York Yankees
20. Oakland Athletics
21. Toronto Blue Jays
22. Anaheim Angels
23. Chicago Cubs
24. Milwaukee Brewers
25. Detroit Tigers
26. Minnesota Twins
27. Boston Red Sox
28. Philadelphia Phillies
29. Florida Marlins
30. Colorado Rockies

Below you will find the first of the series, the San Diego Padres. Enjoy, and let me know how I can improve the series in the comments...


interesting premise, but now you'll have to call the blog "wait til last year".