WTNYJune 07, 2004
Mock Draft, take 2
By Bryan Smith

I've spent the last few hours reading nearly every major newspaper in the country, and I have decided on a set top 13, it goes as follows...

1. Padres- Matt Bush
2. Tigers- Justin Verlander
3. Mets- Phillip Humber
4. Devil Rays- Jeff Niemann
5. Brewers- Mark Rogers
6. Indians- Jeremy Sowers
7. Reds- Homer Bailey
8. Orioles- Stephen Drew
9. Rockies- Chris Nelson
10. Rangers- Wade Townsend
11. Pirates- Neil Walker
12. Angels- Phillip Hughes
13. Expos- Thomas Diamond

And to me, this is where things get a bit hazy. But I'll continue...

14. Royals- Josh Fields
15. Diamondbacks- David Purcey
16. Blue Jays- Zach Jackson

Now, I believe Jered Weaver will go either at 17 or 19, and it's very hard to say. But, I'll try anyway....

17. Dodgers- Jered Weaver
18. White Sox- Scott Elbert
19. Cardinals- B.J. Syzmanski
20. Twins- Glen Perkins
21. Phillies- Jay Rainville
22. Twins- Billy Butler
23. Yankees- Eric Hurley
24. Athletics- Danny Putnam
25. Twins- Justin Orenduff
26. Athletics- Huston Street
27. Marlins- Gio Gonzalez
28. Dodgers- Kurt Suzuki
29. Royals- Mike Ferris
30. Rangers- Greg Golson

That's the best I got...


Wait, what happened to Weaver being #1 overall?

Did I miss something? He is a Halo now....I think this one may come back to bite the Padres. I thought they were excited about Khalil Greene.

Signability concerns. Since Weaver's been drawing praise and comparisons to Mark Prior, his agents have begun to demand Prior money, which was upwards of $10 million. This scared off a ton of teams, but Arte Moreno was willing to take the chance in the twelve hole, actually earlier than most people had thought.

Scott Boras has, basically, invalidated the draft. Since "signability" has become such a concern, the worst team doesn't necessarily get the best player.
Prior is the perfect case-in-point. Sure, Mauer looks like he will be a fine catcher, but imagine the Twins last year, with Prior in their rotation...
Major-league players are protected by the CBA. Amateurs are not. A draft salary cap needs to be implemented.

Ok thanks guys. That makes sense. Baseball needs to fix this problem. WIth free agency and the draft the way they are, small market teams can't get the best old players OR the best young players!