WTNYJuly 31, 2004
By Bryan Smith

Below are the twenty prospects included in deals during the last two days. I'll have more tomorrow on the lot, but I wanted to get their names, and new teams, out there first:

- Bartolome Fortunato (Mets)
- Scott Kazmir (Devil Rays)
- Joselo Diaz (Devil Rays)
- Alfredo Simon (San Francisco)
- Jon Huber (Mariners)
- Justin Huber (Royals)
- Matt Peterson (Pittsburgh)
- Jeff Keppinger (New York)
- Josh Hancock (Reds)
- Anderson Machado (Reds)
- Brad Correll (Phillies)
- Matt Merricks (Dodgers)
- Travis Chick (Padres)
- Koyie Hill (Diamondbacks)
- Bill Murphy (Diamondbacks)
- Reggie Abercrombie (Diamondbacks)
- Henri Stanley (Dodgers)
- Justin Jones (Twins)
- Brendan Harris (Expos)
- Matt Murton (Cubs)

I still think the Braves have the game's best farm system, but my guess is I'd put the D-Rays at #2. Check back tomorrow for more.


TB just called Upton up, how does that affect your raking of their farm system?