WTNYSeptember 10, 2004
By Bryan Smith

A colleague of mine has made a suggestion for my site, one that I am contemplating deeply. Fresh off being overwhelmed by a second round of team-by-team top tens, this friend suggested a change of focus here. Rather than attempt to give extremely broad views of the minors, it was suggested I narrow my focus. Have a top 40, 50, 60 prospects, and zero in on each of them.

You see, its almost impossible to have a single, successful broad view of the minor leagues. Its likely Brad Dowdy, Dave Cameron or the guys at Future Sox could give you better top tens for their teams than I. Working with limited information, Im forced to rank prospects singularly on their statistics. Often times this results in very wrong choices for my top ten, which I want to avoid completely. With a more concise focus, this wouldnt be true. I would work on getting scouting reports, interviews and statistical breakdowns of each player.

Now, this wouldnt end my broad interest, as Ill still look for sleepers, finding the next guys to break my list. I could even start paying better attention to college baseball, again with a narrow focus. Just think more of this kind of article, less of this.

But Im not ready to make a decision without readership intervention. I want your opinion, your thoughts on why you read this site. What could make it better, what would interest you more? If you are reading this, please comment.


frankly bryan, i enjoy your writing and webpage just the way it is....and always ensure i check in every day or two

having said that, i'm sure i'd enjoy a deeper focus if u shifted that way as well...

but ya know, it ain't broke

either way, thank u for your hard work and please keep the articles coming

best regards, greg rogers, toronto

I prefer your more focused pieces.
Everybody and their brother does a top "x" list.
Write what you know.

I agree with Jeff, Bryan. Top ten and 100 lists are everywhere. I enjoy reading the more in-depth stuff.

I'm really enjoying your comparisons of the farm systems so far, and I'd love you to finish it, but I think your more in-depth and focused articles are your best work.

I rather prefer the broad view of the minors, but what I really enjoy is explanations of why you draw certain conclusions. For instance, one article covering the top 20 pitching prospects, and another explaining what defines one particular teenager as the best pitching prospect.

In any case, don't change too much, because I already enjoy what your doing.

I don't read your column that much (sorry), but I don't read that many prospect columns (pretty much John Sickles and you). That said, when I do like to read them, it's much nicer to get in-depth coverage on a few prospects, rather than a top 10, if only so I can predict the AL Rookie of the Year every year.

You do a very good job using the tools you have available (it sounds like you have mostly stats and very little scouting reports to work with).

Keep up the good work, this Hermedia/Francoeur/Pie article is very nice.