Baseball BeatJanuary 29, 2005
Weaver and Angels About to Tie the Knot
By Rich Lederer

According to two unrelated but reliable sources, Jered Weaver is expected to sign with the Angels "any day now." One source has ties to Long Beach State and the other to the Angels. No terms were revealed.

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Freakin' finally! Now let's get this boy in uniform and over to Cedar Rapids (briefly) where I can drive three hours to see him pitch.

I would be surprised if the Angels assigned Weaver to Cedar Rapids (low-A). Instead, depending upon his performance in the spring, I would expect that Weaver will begin his professional career at Rancho Cucamonga (high-A) or Arkansas (AA).

Yeah, I know. It's just wishful thinking because I can actual get over to Cedar Rapids for a game. I can't quite make it to RC, Arkansas, or SLC.

I hope Rancho. Then I can drive a half hour to go see him.

Arkansas, eh? Interesting... would give me an excuse to go see the in-laws again.

"Arkansas" and "in-laws". There's a joke there but I won't even attempt at it. ;-)