Baseball BeatFebruary 19, 2005
Five and Ten Story
By Rich Lederer

Mike DiGiovanna of the Los Angeles Times gets Jeff Weaver's take on the ongoing negotiations (or lack thereof) between his brother and the Angels.

Dodger pitcher Jeff Weaver said Friday that his younger brother, Jered, the Angels' first-round pick in the 2004 draft, was growing impatient with negotiations that have dragged on for more than eight months.

"We had similarities, but I had a different approach - I went back to school," said Jeff Weaver, who spurned a $750,000 offer from the Chicago White Sox in 1997 to return for his senior season at Fresno State and eventually signed with Detroit in 1998. "I know what it's like to wait it out. My brother doesn't want to wait."

Jered Weaver is seeking a package in the $10-million range; the Angels would prefer to pay something closer to $5 million.

Asked if Jered could just tell agent Scott Boras that he wanted to sign, Jeff Weaver said, "Absolutely. Your agent works for you � not the opposite."

The Angels' hardball tactics are obviously beginning to wear Jered down. He wants to sign and, in fact, was hopeful of doing so prior to the start of spring training. Despite previous comments to the contrary, the former Long Beach State ace is anxious to get on with his professional career.

Brother Jeff's comments are not a revelation to me. Three weeks ago, my source was told by a former player with ties to the Angels that Jeff had indicated to him that Jered was about to sign "any day."

Jeff could be doing his brother a big disservice by going public with his comments unless, of course, Jered is no longer interested in holding out for a contract much larger than what the Angels have been offering. Let's face it, if the Angels sense that the Weavers are growing impatient with Scott Boras and his $10 million asking price, they will stay firm at or near the $5 million area in the hope that Jered gets so frustrated with the proceedings that he winds up caving in to their low-ball bid.

Look, I still say there could and should be a middle ground here. Jered, either you can be had or I can be had as a mediator or an agent. I'm here to help.


Boras notched his offer down to $8 mil this week and I expect a deal will get finished before the weekend is out. I watched Jered pitch a few times at LBSU this year and he really is good enough to pitch in long relief At Anaheim by summer.