Baseball BeatJanuary 06, 2006
Casual Friday
By Rich Lederer

Friday has become known as a casual day here in the U.S. Hence, Casual Friday.

I've always thought it should be Thank God It's Saturday. Unless you're going to party on Friday night, why would the last workday of the week be viewed as a cause for celebration? Seems to me it should be the first non-workday.

Come to think of it, maybe Friday has become the first non-workday. More and more employees get every other Friday off. And do college students even go to school on Fridays anymore?

We even stack our holidays on Mondays to lengthen the weekends. Before you know it, we'll be working Tuesday through Thursday only. Just like they do in Europe.

Hey, before you send me a nasty email, go find a catcher for Italy's World Baseball Classic team who wasn't born in Norristown, Pennsylvania, OK? Just teasing. Hey, I'm happy for ol' (literally) Mike. You see, no team in the U.S. is planning on letting him catch for them.

In any event, I wanted to share a comment from a bulletin board in response to an article -- OOPs, Here It Is! -- I wrote a couple of weeks ago. New York Mets shortstop Jose Reyes showed up on a list I created to identify the most overrated offensive players in baseball. Although he was spared first-team honors in favor of Dusty Baker's favorite shortstop, a reader essentially called me a slacker and an "Overrated Analyst."

"Too bad he is only 22 years old and only going to get better. How about a new stat judging the most overated stats and analysts? No Life+Spending 20-30 hours a week on the computer+Never playing the game beyond High School+Ignoring Intangibles=Most Overated Analysts."
All this from a guy who goes by "ItalPiazza31" and has FIVE-THOUSAND-ONE-HUNDRED-EIGHTY (5180) posts to his "credit."

With respect to OOPs, let me emphasize that this exercise was designed (1) for fun and (2) as a means to show which players have the most hollow batting averages out there. To the extent that batting averages are given more air time than on-base or slugging percentages, I think it is safe to say that those who met our test are OVERRATED OFFENSIVE PLAYERS (as in hitters). I'm not suggesting that they are necessarily overrated in the other aspects of the game, such as Baserunning And Defense.

You see, those players are assigned a different acronym: BAD.

Happy Friday!


Oh man, I can't wait for the next post. I compiled my own database for players and stats - any chance you could post your formula for BAD ahead of the article?

Good response. I sent the link from the Most Overrate Offensive Players to metsblog and boy did readers go nuts. Apparently Jose Reyes is to Mets fans as social security is to politicians. The Met fans, myself included love his potential and the excitement he brings, but he doesn't belong at the top of the order until he gets his OBP to at least .320. He did score about 100 runs, which is the bottom line offensive stat so his speed somewhat offset his low OBP. Bottom line is some people like analysis and some like dreaming of what could be. However, games are won on performance and not potential performance. Good read, thanks.

I've never posted before but I must let you know as a NY'er and a Yankee Fan (so take this for what its worth!) Mets fans are REALLY sensitive when it comes to Reyes. I've learned to not even go there anymore with my fellow Mets fans. You must remember, these are the same fans that highly valued Rey Ordonez!

Not to be like your buddy ItalPiazza31 or anything, but this college student has class on Fridays. Every Friday.

It just takes some creative schedule planning; I could have class on Fridays, but I choose not to.

Just thought I would add one more collegiate perspective.

And, as a Braves fan, I can attest to the crazed mindset with which they approach their young SS. Rafael Furcal was much-maligned by many Braves fans, despite being one of the better SS, and maybe one of the better lead-off hitters, in the NL: we simply wanted an OBP over .350 in the #1 spot of the order.

That Reyes's major accomplishment in 2005 was attaining a .300 OBP - on the nose - should be indicative of his offensive issues.

Haha nice article...and you are correct...I don't know of any college students who go to class on Fridays. Hell, with my schedule, I only have class on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

I dunno about you Rich, but anyone who accuses me of being 22 is under consideration to be my publicist.

It's discouraging to see a response to the most irrational of all criticisms of the article.