Baseball BeatJanuary 26, 2006
Dark Thursday
By Rich Lederer

I'm sorry to report that our guest columnist stiffed us for the second week in a row. He was originally scheduled for last Thursday but asked if he could push it back a week after I had sent out a reminder a few days ahead of the publication date. Well, this week is now upon us with nary a story or a word from the man who was so "eager to contribute."

We were bailed out last week by Jeff Sullivan. The creator and primary author of Lookout Landing turned in his article a week early. The piece was posted as if it had been slated for that day all along.

Do not despair. The Designated Hitter series is in great shape. We have a couple of new columnists for our College Baseball Preview slated for next week, followed by Will Leitch of Deadspin and Patrick Sullivan of The House That Dewey Built. We also have two nationally known writers booked for March.

Thanks to our guest writers, the momentum has been built. We appreciate the time, thought, and energy that has gone into every column. The series is approaching its one-year anniversary, and it has become one of the must reads in the baseball blogosphere.

In lieu of today's feature, please take the time to peruse the "Designated Hitters" section in the sidebar on the left. Feel free to click on a link to any article you may have missed or perhaps re-visit one of your favorites. There are 44 different columns in all, ranging from sabermetric studies to player profiles, baseball history, and those with a personal touch.



I'd just like to add that if you haven't read a Designated Hitters column before, you simply must read Bob Klapisch's "From the Press Box to the Pitcher's Mound".

There are a lot of good DH articles; that one is my favorite.

Who is it? Want me to fix him for ya? Y'know, fit him with a pair of concrete galoshes?