Baseball BeatNovember 12, 2007
Open Chat: 2007 Awards
By Rich Lederer

The 2007 award winners will begin to be announced starting today with the NL and AL Rookies of the Year. The schedule is as follows:

Mon., 11/12: NL and AL ROY
Tues., 11/13: AL CYA
Thur., 11/14: NL CYA
Mon., 11/19: AL MVP
Tues., 11/20: NL MVP

Who do you believe *should* win each of the above awards (as opposed to who you think *will* win)?


Should win: Delmon Young, Ryan Braun
Will Win: Dustin Pedroia, Ryan Braun

Should win: Dustin Pedroia, Troy Tulowitzski
Will win: Dustin Pedroia, Ryan Braun

Delmon Young? He was one of the worst every day players in 2007 -- below replacement level.

AL - Pedroia, with Guthrie a close second.
NL - Tulo, with Braun behind Pence and a few others.

AL - Sabathia, based on an innings advantage. Beckett's second and Bedard deserves more votes than he'll receive.
NL - Peavy. Webb's in the discussion, though.

AL - ARod. Granderson, Pena, and Posada will be under-supported.
NL - David Wright or Albert Pujols. Utley and Chipper are top five and Bonds is in the top 10. If Fielder and Howard receive any votes, it's too many.

Don't care.

I find it to be pretty insulting that people are still somehow overlooking Pedroia. And some baseball writers didn't give him a first place vote? Seriously, these people either don't know baseball well enough or are way too over their heads in Red Sox hate.

One can never hate the Red Sox enough.

Regardless: Pedroia and Tulowitski.

NL MVP- Holliday
AL MVP- Rodriguez
AL ROY- Okajima
NL ROY- Braun
NL CY- Peavy
AL CY- Sabathia

ROY: Tulowitzki, Pedroia
MVP: A-Rod, Rollins
CYA: Sabbathia, Peavy
(Should Wins, I think Holliday will win because the writers tend to be bigots power-wise)

NL MVP - David Wright - Its not his fault his teammates couldn't get anyone out in September. He was just a much better player than either Holliday or Rollins this season; hence, he was more valuable.

AL MVP - Alex Rodriguez - If he's not a unanimous choice, it will be a disgrace (but I wouldn't be totally surprised).

AL ROY - Dustin Pedroia - Close call over Guthrie, who was somehow shut out in the actual voting.

NL ROY - Troy Tulowitzki - But only by a hair over Braun, so I'm not too upset.

NL CY - Jake Peavy - See MVP, AL.

AL CY - C.C. Sabathia - Edge in innings is too much for Carmona and Lackey (his closest competitors) to overcome.

I agree with Sky, except for including Webb in the discussion. Although I will say, I think Okajima deserves a lot more ROY consideration than he's getting. I usually argue for WPA as a measure of these awards, but regardless of his total, he was a huge help to the Sox pen this year. Papelbon was a question mark in terms of how he'd hold up, and if it weren't for Okajima, we'd have had Piniero or Timlin closing games when Papelbon needed a rest. I really don't like either of those options. Okie stepped in wherever needed, pitched til his arm hung lifeless next to him, and baffled hitters the whole time. What a treat to watch.

Congrats to CC!

I think you have to consider Webb. He should get a few votes at the very least. He won last year, and this year he pitched better than last year. He had a 42 inning streak of scoreless baseball. He failed to win 20+ games, mainly because of the lack of offense on the D-backs, but wins are more of a team stat than an individual stat. I'm not saying that Webb should win, but to not consider him as a candidate would be wrong.

Webb did get a few votes, second place votes, which is where he should have been. I'm glad Harangatang at least got some love this year, look for him to take the 2008 Award.

G Man