Weekend BlogFebruary 23, 2008
Jim Bowden In All His Glory
By The Baseball Analysts Staff

Rich has posted some good Spring Training photos before but I mean, really, doesn't this one take the cake? How awesome is that picture? Hat tip to Deadspin for pointing me to this and The Washington Times for the photo credit.

Patrick Sullivan, 2/23/08, 9:07 AM


What's he doing with his other hand?

What's he doing with his other hand?

What's he doing on a segway?

Why are the Nats using organization resources not only on a segway, but on custom designing Jim Bowden a segway like it's a Sprint Cup stock car?

Why doesn't he dress like a goddamn professional?

There's a lot going on there...

The best part, without a doubt, is that someone actually had it customized with the Nationals logo and colors.

Actually, the best part would be hearing that he uses it around the office.

I like his shirt.

I don't get what the big deal is... I mean, yeah, so it's a segway. And Jim Bowden is on it. And he's smiling like he just got his first piece of...cake, and...ok. So, maybe I'm starting to see why it's funny. But, seriously, this is like the 15th site where this has been the new story. And none of the sites really have any commentary. Usually the caption is, "Look. Jim Bowden's on a segway! What a dork!" Unless Bowden is just some kind of freak (you know, like Marv Albert), or folks haven't ever seen segways before (they're all over the place here in Chicago), or someone can add a really funny caption ("And Omar even threw in the segway!"), it just doesn't seem that funny.

It's just funny, man. And weekend blog is time for such things here at Baseball Analysts.


I wonder if after a trade doesn't work out he says "I've made a huge mistake"