Change-UpAugust 19, 2008
Maddux to the Dodgers
By Patrick Sullivan

So it looks like Greg Maddux is heading up the 5 to Los Angeles. Before you scoff, consider what Maddux will be asked to do. He is taking the rotation spot of all those pitchers not named Lowe, Billingsley, Kuroda and Kershaw. Here is how those pitchers have fared, versus how Maddux has in 2008.

         IP   K/BB   K/9   WHIP   ERA
#5 LAD  185   1.70   6.03  1.47   4.91
Maddux  153.3 3.07   4.70  1.22   3.99

Maddux should offer a nice boost to the back end of the Dodgers staff down the stretch. A one or two tick upgrade over the course of six or seven starts could be the difference between the post-season and early fall golf for Los Angeles. Assuming they did not have to give away too much here, this seems well worth it to me.


You can't go wrong by adding Maddux to your rotation.

Can you please explain the process for the above trade? I thought all players traded after the trade deadline had to pass through the waivers. I do not recall seeing Maddux placed on waivers, just curious how this works.


I think that only teams with a worse record can make a claim? If that's true, only the Nats and Mariners could've stepped up.

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