Around the MinorsAugust 13, 2009
The 2009 Draft Deadline Looms
By Marc Hulet

About a month ago we took a look at which 2009 first round draft picks had come to terms with their new organizations. Not a whole lot has changed since then, but there have been a few more signings. With just four days to go, though, that is sure to change in a hurry. As it stands, Bobby Borchering (Arizona) and Donavan Tate (San Diego) are both rumored to be close to agreeing to contracts. The majority of the national coverage will no doubt center around first overall pick Stephen Strasburg and whether or not he'll be able to come to an agreement with Washington.

Let's see who has already signed in the first round and how they're doing with less than a month to go in the minor-league season. The players who have signed since our last update have been underlined. Signing bonuses have also been added for everyone in the first round.

First Round

4. Pittsburgh: Tony Sanchez | Catcher | Boston College [$2.5 million]

Sanchez has yet to slow down despite playing in low-A ball. The 21-year-old catcher has a line of .347/.460/.574 with four homers in 101 at-bats. He also has a nice walk rate of 12.9 BB% and a respectable strikeout rate at 19.8 K%.

5. Baltimore: Matt Hobgood | RHP | California high school [$2.422 million]

Hobgood has made four short starts in rookie ball and has a 6.75 ERA (but 3.33 FIP) in eight innings. He's struggled with his control by walking five batters, but he also has seven Ks.

7. Atlanta: Mike Minor | LHP | Vanderbilt [$2.42 million]

Minor recently signed and has yet to make a professional appearance.

10. Washington: Drew Storen | RHP | Stanford [$1.6 million]

Storen was the quickest signee, agreeing to a contract on draft day. He's already pitched well at two levels (low-A, high-A) and he just made his first appearance in double-A. Storen worked a perfect inning and he could be in Washington in September.

17. Arizona: A.J. Pollock | Outfielder | Notre Dame [$1.4 million]

His numbers aren't flashy, but Pollock has been holding his own in low-A ball. He currently sports a line of .267/.306/.404 with three homers and five steals in 161 at-bats. Pollock could stand to be a little more patient at the plate (4.7 BB%).

20. Toronto: Chad Jenkins | RHP | Kennesaw State [$1.35 million]

Jenkins just came to terms with Toronto yesterday (Wednesday) so he has yet to make a pro appearance.

21. Houston: Jiovanni Mier | Shortstop | California high school [$1.358 million]

Mier is arguable having the nicest pro debut so far of any of the first rounders. He is currently hitting .298/.405/.476 with three homers and eight steals in 124 at-bats. He is showing advanced patience at the plate with a walk rate of 13.3 BB%. His strikeout rate is a little high at 22.6 K%.

23. Chicago AL: Jared Mitchell | Outfielder | Louisiana State [$1.2 million]

Mitchell spent a little time on the disabled list after signing but he's been hitting well since being activated. Mitchell currently has a line of .277/.440/.415 in 65 low-A at-bats. He's stolen four bases in seven attempts and has a walk rate of 22.6 BB%. Unfortunately, that comes with a strikeout rate of 33.8 K%.

24. Los Angeles AL: Randal Grichuk | Outfielder | Texas high school [$1.242 million]

Grichuk, like Mier, is having a nice pro debut with a line of .324/.359/.500 in 182 rookie at-bats. Unfortunately, his walk rate is just 3.7 BB% and his BABIP is a highly-unsustainable .442. He's stolen six bases in nine attempts and has 21 extra base hits, including 12 doubles and seven triples.

25. Los Angeles AL: Mike Trout | Outfielder | New Jersey high school [$1.215 million]

Trout is also producing an outstanding line at .369/.424/.541 with 10 steals in 111 at-bats. His BABIP, though, is also out-of-this-world at .460. He has a better handle on the strike zone than his teammate Grichuk, with a walk rate of 9.8 BB% and a strikeout rate of 20.7 K%.

26. Milwaukee: Eric Arnett | RHP | Indiana [$1.197 million]

Arnett's superficial numbers are not very good (0-3 record, 5.09 ERA) but he's allowed just 14 hits in 17.2 innings of work and has a FIP of 3.60. The biggest red flag for this right-hander is the walk rate at 7.13 BB/9.

28. Boston: Reymond Fuentes | Outfielder | Puerto Rico high school [$1.134 million]

Fuentes is yet another early prep pick who is having success in rookie ball. The athletic outfielder is currently hitting .301/.351/.379 in 103 at-bats. He also has nine steals in 14 attempts. His strikeout rate is respectable at 16.5 K%, but he could stand to take a few more walks (6.4 BB%).

31. Chicago NL: Brett Jackson | Outfielder | California [$972,000]

Considered a stretch for where he was selected in the draft, Jackson has hit well in three minor league stops. He is currently in low-A where he's hitting .328/.418/.586 with four homers and six steals in 58 at-bats. His walk rate (9.4 BB% at low-A) has dropped with each promotion, but so has his strikeout rate (20.7 K%).

32. Colorado: Tim Wheeler | Outfielder | Sacramento State [$900,000]

Wheeler has spent his entire time in short-season ball since signing. The outfielder has a line of .270/.335/.362 with two homers and six steals (nine attempts) in 185 at-bats. He has a walk rate of 8.9 BB% and a strikeout rate of 20.0 K%.

Supplemental First Round

In the supplemental first round, 13 of the 17 selections have officially come to terms. High school catcher Steven Baron was the first player taken in the round. Also signing were Rex Brothers (Colorado), Matt Davidson (Arizona), Aaron Miller (Los Angeles NL), Josh Phegley (Chicago AL), Tyler Skaggs (Los Angeles AL), Chris Owings (Arizona), Garrett Richards (Los Angeles AL), Mike Belfiore (Arizona), Matt Bashore (Minnesota), Kyle Heckathorn (Milwaukee), Tyler Kehrer (Los Angeles AL), and Victor Black (Pittsburgh).

Over-slot Deals (Beyond the 3rd round)

4th round: Pittsburgh, Zach Dodson | LHP | Texas HS [$600,000]
5th round: Milwaukee, D'Vontrey Richardson | OF | Florida State [$400,000]
6th round: Pittsburgh, Zack Von Rosenberg | RHP | Louisiana HS [$1.2 million]
6th round: San Francisco, Matt Graham | RHP | Texas HS [$500,000]
6th round: Philadelphia, Steven Inch | RHP | Alberta HS [$300,000
6th round: Chicago NL, Brooke Raley | LHP | Texas A&M [$750,000]
7th round: Pittsburgh, Trent Stevenson | RHP | Arizona HS [$350,000]
7th round: Baltimore, Aaron Wirsch | LHP | California HS [$200,000]
8th round: Pittsburgh, Colton Cain | LHP | Texas HS [$1.125 million]
8th round: Philadelphia, Jonathan Singleton | 1B | California HS [$200,000]
9th round: Baltimore, Ryan Berry | RHP | Rice [$417,600]
10th round: Cincinnati, Tucker Barnhart | C | Indiana HS [$250,000]
10th round: Boston, Brandon Jacobs | OF | Georgia HS [$750,000]
11th round: Boston, Jason Thompson | SS | Tennessee HS [$300,000]
13th round: Arizona, Patrick Schuster | LHP | Florida HS [$450,000]
14th round: Kansas City, Crawford Simmons | LHP | Georgia HS [$450,000]

Tick-tock, goes the clock. Tick-tock. The draft deadline will soon be here (Thank goodness).


While Drew Storen, the Nats other first round pick, is busy pitching his way to the big leagues, Strasburg sits at home waiting for Boras to try and force the Nats to open Fort Knox.

Go Drew Storen!