Baseball BeatJuly 12, 2011
Jered Weaver Catapults to the Forefront of Major League Pitchers
By Rich Lederer

Roy Halladay and Jered Weaver have been named the starting pitchers for tonight's All-Star Game in Arizona, which will be televised by FOX at 8 p.m. ET. While the 34-year-old Halladay has participated in the mid-summer classic in eight of the past 10 years, the 28-year-old Weaver earned his first trip in 2010 but did not play because he pitched on the Sunday preceding the game.

Halladay and Weaver are leading their respective leagues in Fielding Independent Pitching Earned Run Average with FIPs of 2.16 and 2.39. Of note, Weaver also leads Major League Baseball in ERA (1.86), Adjusted Pitching Runs (31), and Adjusted Pitching Wins (3.6). He ranks first in the AL and second in MLB in not only FIP but Fangraphs (4.7) and Baseball-Reference (4.9) Wins Above Replacement among pitchers, ERA+ (199), and Win Probability Added (3.4).

If Weaver is not the best pitcher in baseball, he is certainly one of the top ten, along with Halladay and, in alphabetical order, Cole Hamels, Felix Hernandez, Clayton Kershaw, Cliff Lee, Tim Lincecum, CC Sabathia, and Justin Verlander. A healthy Josh Johnson, Stephen Strasburg, or Adam Wainwright would fill out my list of the best starting pitchers in the game. Cases for inclusion could also be made for Zack Greinke, Tommy Hanson, Dan Haren, Jon Lester, and David Price.

Importantly, Weaver is not a small-sample-size phenomenon. Over the past year, Weaver ranks second in MLB in ERA (2.38), third in FIP (2.59), and 4th in fWAR (7.4). According to, he ranks sixth among all active pitchers in career ERA (3.32) and ERA+ (128).

It's taken a long time for Weaver to overcome the naysayers in the prospect and stathead community as more than his brother or an innings eater. He is undoubtedly much greater than both. Jered is not only the starting pitcher in the All-Star Game but a leading candidate to win the AL Cy Young Award this year.

Tonight's recognition will do little for Halladay's reputation but should do wonders for the under appreciated Weaver.


If he continues at his current pace, Jair Dangerfield Jurrjens would deserve some respect.

Rich -- You are the curator of the Hall of the Under Appreciated. You have stood firm amid many naysayers who were unable to see the potential and then consistent progress that Jered Weaver has displayed over the years. I think there would be tremendous interest if you created links to what amounts to a substantial Jered Weaver series that began seven or eight years ago.

If big brother Jeff had panned out like it looked like he would early in his career, the Weavers would rival, or surpass, the Perrys and the Niekros.