WTNYNovember 12, 2003
Back too soon
By Bryan Smith

Hey everyone, I just got back from Florida. It's late. Not gonna be doing much writing today. But, I will be back tomorrow, so check back then. And if you haven't sent me your list of favorite baseball books, get on that.

Let me thank Score Bard for putting me on the Periodic Table of Bloggers. It's always a privelage to stand alongside some of my blogging heroes, testament of the fact that this site has come so far, so fast. Thanks to you guys.

The AFL is closing soon, and I'll be spending a couple of upcoming pieces on that, and how if effects the prospect rankings.

In case you haven't read these, here are some links:

Dave Pinto's fielding statistic
Avkash Patel begins the Attrition Rate
Rich Lederer interviews Lee Sinins

God Bless America, and here's to all the men and women who have fought for this nation, although I am a day late.