WTNYNovember 10, 2003
Notta Lotta
By Bryan Smith

As a favor, let me ask all my readers to send me their top five or ten favorite baseball books of all-time. Remember, my e-mail address is bryball@hotmail.com.

I'm on vacation in Florida, and it's late, so there won't be much today. Although, I do find it important: my top-five free agents at each position, along with a few quick thoughts on where they'll end up...

1. Pudge Rodriguez- Marlins
2. Javy Lopez- Padres
3. Benito Santiago- Cubs
4. Brad Ausmus- Astros
5. Brent Mayne

First Base
1. Rafeal Palmiero- Rangers
2. Lee Seung-yeop- Dodgers?
3. Eric Karros
4. Scott Spiezio
5. J.T. Snow

Second Base
1. Luis Castillo- Yankees
2. Todd Walker
3. Mark Grudzilanek- Cubs
4. Robbie Alomar- White Sox
5. Tadahito Iguchi- Mets

1. Miguel Tejada- Angels
2. Rich Aurilia- Giants
3. Kaz Matsui- Mariners
4. Jose Hernandez
5. Rey Ordonez

Third Base
1. Joe Randa
2. Robin Ventura- Braves
3. Vinny Castilla
Nothing else here, honestly

Left Field
1. Shannon Stewart- Twins
2. Raul Ibanez- Mariners
3. Rondell White- Royals
4. Matt Stairs- Cubs
5. Brian Jordan

1. Mike Cameron- Mets
2. Carl Everett- Devil Rays
3. Kenny Lofton- A's

Right Field
1. Vladimir Guerrero- Orioles
2. Gary Sheffield- Yankees
3. Jose Guillen
4. Jose Cruz Jr.- A's
5. Reggie Sanders- Braves

1. Juan Gonzalez
2. Ellis Burks- Good buy

1. Bartolo Colon
2. Kevin Millwood- Braves
3. Andy Pettite- Yankees
4. David Wells- Padres
5. Sidney Ponson- White Sox
6. Greg Maddux
7. Kelvim Escobar- Blue Jays
8. Miguel Batista
9. John Thomson
10. Jeff Suppan

1. Keith Foulke- Mets
2. Shigetoshi Hasegawa- Yanks
3. Tom Gordon- White Sox
4. LaTroy Hawkins- Cubs
5. Eddie Guardado- Twins
6. Tim Worrell- Cubs
7. Ugueth Urbina
8. Scott Sullivan
9. Armando Benitez
10. Arthur Rhodes- Devil Rays

That's it...and thanks for the book suggestions!