WTNYJanuary 12, 2004
A Preview and Review
By Bryan Smith

Didn't make the weekend post I had hoped to, got a little busy. For all those who are thinking about going to see Blue Man Group, you have my full support. Good stuff around the Internet, Bill James' assistant Matthew Namee had some good work for Aaron Gleeman, Rich Lederer had a very nice interview of Joe Sheehan, and Will Carroll attempting to make headline news again. Believe me, Clemens is as overrated as Pettite.

To give a little overview of the week, I'll review what I said on Friday today, I'll detail the National League tomorrow, Wednesday will be devoted to the newest Halo, and Thursday we'll look at where the free agents should be going. Exciting times ahead on Wait 'Til Next Year...

On Friday I spent a long time detailing what American League teams have left, and today I'll review quickly what I said...

Oakland: RH reliever
Seattle: Trade Davis and Meche
Anaheim: Well, it was 1B, now it's make fun of the Mariners
Texas: One (or 2) starter(s) and one RH reliever

Minnesota: Trade Jacque Jones, one SP, one RH reliever
Chicago: SP and 2B
Kansas City: Sit around
Cleveland: Trade Ludwick or Escobar (Lawton?) for SP
Detroit: Apply to become part of International League and worry about rotation

Yankees: George wants one more SP
Boston: Back end of bullpen
Toronto: All finished
Baltimore: RF and SP, SP, SP!
Tampa Bay: Likely finished, maybe one bench spot

Sorry folks, that's all I got today, I'll have another 2500+ words tomorrow...