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Foto Friday #6
By Rich Lederer

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As in the first five contests, name the date, location, and subjects in the photo below. Good luck.



DATE: June 1, 1962.

LOCATION: Connie Mack Stadium. Los Angeles Dodgers at Philadelphia Phillies.

SUBJECTS: (left to right) Larry Burright, Jim Gilliam (in front), John Roseboro, Danny Kaye (standing), Ron Perranoski, and Tommy Davis.

OCCASION: The Dodgers beat the Phillies in the first game of a doubleheader, the club's 12th consecutive victory. See my comment at 8:54 p.m. below for more details.



That's Danny Kaye and Tommy Davis in back, and I think that's Jim Gilliam in front holding the jersey. with Ron Perranoski holding the other sleeve.

The jersey is Tommy Davis's road jersey.

Isn't the other player in the photo Wally Moon?

No, the player on the far left is not Wally Moon and the one directly to his left has not been identified as yet.

I wanted to say they were Larry Burright and Nate Oliver, but Oliver arrived after Burright left, so at least one ID is wrong.

Given that they're holding up Davis's jersey, I presume the celebration has to do with him.

'62 when he was the batting champion? and he clinched it on the road in San Francisco?

I'm guessing (wildly) the guy squatting next to Perranoski is a young Willie Crawford. The Dodgers did not have many African Americans those years, so that helps limit the candidates. The other guy standing above Gilliam, I have no idea. I remember seeing Danny Kaye perform the D-O-D-G-E-R song at the Greek Theater in the early 60's, so this brings back a pleasant memory.

I think that's John Roseboro second from left ... behind the jersey. Love Davis' fingers behind Perranoski's head - makes me think Ron did something (or didn't - blown saver, perhaps?).

My guess is 10/03/62 Candlestick Park, San Francisco, Tracewski, Gilliam, Roseboro, Kaye, Perranoski, T.Davis.

The 10/03/62 game was played in Los Angeles (LA was the home team), not SF. The Los Angeles on the front of the jersey, noted as a road jersey, had me fooled. Regardless of the final answer, these photos have been just great, Rich.

a possibility - could it be Yankee Stadium, 1963 WS ... October 4?

a possibility - could it be Yankee Stadium, 1963 WS ... October 3?

OK, so let's take an inventory as to where we stand...

Jim Gilliam is in the front, holding Tommy Davis's road jersey #12. Behind Gilliam are Larry Burright and John Roseboro with Ron Perranoski holding the other end of the jersey. In the back row, left to right, are Danny Kaye and Tommy Davis.

Two questions remain: the date and the location.

Hint: the players and the number on the jersey are all significant in determining the occasion.

That's Roseboro? He doesn't look like my memory of him at all. Maybe it's the angle.

So, if that's Burright, it has to be '62. The Dodgers didn't play any 12 inning games in '62. Their 12th victory happened at home. Perranoski only won 6 that year, so they aren't celebrating his 12th. It can't be his 12th save, because the stat didn't exist yet. He did win a game at Wrigley where LA scored 12 against the Cubs (April 26), but Gilliam didn't play and Burright was 0-5. I thought it might be Roseboro's 12th stolen base, the LA record that Martin just broke, but that happened at home.

They cut their magic number over the Jints to 12 on Sept. 14 at Chicago, but Perranoski wasn't involved. Perranoski did get his sixth win the next day in a pretty wild game at Wrigley. There was a triple steal that forced a wild pitch, so another run scored beside the steal of home (by T. Davis). All the pictured players were in it, and all contributed to the win. The only 12, though, is the number of runners the Dodgers left on base in the game.

Here's another possibility. The Dodgers did win 13 in a row at one point, and all the players in the photo were very involved in the 12th win, Perranoski with 4 innings of relief, and the rest all had hits and scored runs. The game was in Phily, but it was also the first game of a double header, so I don't think that could be it. They also won the second game for their 13th in a row, and it just seems odd that they would've taken time out between games to celebrate the 12th win like that.

Pajama party in Danny Kaye's basement?

DXMachina has nailed the date and location in his latest comment. June 1, 1962. Connie Mack Stadium in Philadelphia. Congrats.

The inclusion of Larry Burright in that photo is the key to knowing that it was from 1962 - the one and only season he played for the Dodgers. Danny Kaye, of course, wrote his D-O-D-G-E-R-S song that year, too.

The photo was part of a series known as "Camera in a Clubhouse." All of the "pictures" as Andy Carey called them were "taken on a Polaroid Land camera." Here is how Carey described the photo in question:

"June 1 . . . We gained our twelfth victory in a 13-game streak and tied the Giants for first place. Danny Kaye wonders what it's all about as Larry Burright (two triples), Jim Gilliam (home run), John Roseboro (two RBIs), Ron Perranoski (4 great relief innings) and Tommy Davis (three runs batted in on a SINGLE) celebrate."

As DX points out, the win came in game one of a doubleheader. I'm not sure whether the Dodgers took a break in the clubhouse between games to ham it up for the photo or if it was taken after the second game.

Of note, the Dodgers played three DH that week (on Sunday, 5/27; Wednesday, 5/30; and Friday, 6/1). The team also played DH the following Tuesday and Sunday. Five DH in the span of 15 days.