Baseball BeatAugust 03, 2007
Foto Friday #7: Obscure Angels
By Rich Lederer

No Dean Chances, Nolan Ryans, Frank Tananas, or Chuck Finleys here. No Jim Fregosis, Bobby Griches, Tim Salmons, or Garret Andersons either. Heck, these players are not even as well known as Rudy May or Tom Murphy.

The first pair were not only Angels teammates but are forever linked as part of something else. Name the players and the link.

A couple of former Dodgers...

You gotta love this guy's name...

Despite the name on the bat, this player is not Ken Berry...

Leave your answers in the comments section below. Enjoy!


What a name? #48 Hilly Hathaway . . . full name Hillary Houston Hathaway . . .

I believe the top two men are Don Rose (left) and Leroy Stanton (right)

#3 - Gene Brabender

The top two players shown above are indeed Don Rose and Leroy Stanton. The link between these players is still up for grabs.

As noted, the third question/fifth photo is Gene Brabender. With his looks and name, how would you like him to date your daughter? That said, I like the creativity behind Hillary Houston Hathaway as I thought the top of the 48 could act as a clue if need be.

Keep the guesses coming.

Hi, Rich. Haven't posted in a while... I think the connection between Rose and Stanton is that, in 1971, they were traded by the Mets along with (maybe you've heard of him?) Nolan Ryan to the Angels for Jim Fregosi.

Exactly, Redders. Rose and Stanton were part of one of the most-lopsided trades in baseball history. Ryan was on the cusp of being a dominant pitcher and Fregosi was about to enter the downside of his career. Stanton wasn't half bad either. Although he struck out too much, the outfielder could hit for power, run, and field.

#2 - alan foster & billy grabarkewitz, both in the robinson deal, I think ...

and #4 - jim hicks

I've seen "If Anne hath a will, Anne Hathaway", but it actually works better with Hilly as you get the slight tongue-twister addition.

With respect to Hathaway, Hilly was all of a year-and-a-half old when that photo of Brabender was taken during the spring of 1971. Brabender was traded to the Angels for Bill Voss in January 1971, yet he never pitched a single game for the Halos nor any other team after that deal.

The second question/third photo overall is Alan Foster. However, the player next to him is not Billy Grabarkewitz. Foster was drafted by the Dodgers, traded to the Indians, and the Tribe sent him to the Angels. The only connection between Foster and the other player is that they were teammates on the Dodgers and Angels.

#4 is not Jim Hicks.

I saw Gene Brabender (then with the Orioles) beat the Yanks 4-1 at Yankee Stadium 8/17/67. It's the oldest scorecard I still have.

When was Brabender with the Angels? They aren't listed as one of the teams on his resume. OTOH, it seems he was originally signed by the Dodgers.

ok - doesn't look as I remembered him, but by process of elimination, it's gotta be Jeff Torborg with Alan Foster ... doesn't it?

Rich...Is #4 Jarvis Tatum?

BTW...My mom once saw Fregosi and Hicks at the visiting teams hotel pool.

She had to be revived shortly after.

#4 could also be Curt Motton

Nope, the photo of the player next to Alan Foster is not Jeff Torborg.

#4 is neither Jarvis Tatum (good guess) nor Curt Motton although I have an official head and shoulders photo of the latter in an Angels uniform despite the fact that he was acquired during the 1972 season and only had 39 AB.

Repoz, your mom wouldn't have been the only woman who was hot for Fregosi back then.

OK - by process of elimination - Andy Kosco beside Alan Foster ...

#4 - Billy Parker

Yes, Andy Kosco and Billy Parker are the correct answers. Good job, loaferboss.