Weekend BlogNovember 04, 2007
Know Your Free Agents - The Geoff Jenkins Edition
By The Baseball Analysts Staff

Geoff Jenkins has played his whole career - ten seasons - for the Milwaukee Brewers. When the Brew Crew decided on October 30th to decline his $9 million option for 2008, Jenkins became an unrestricted free agent. He is 33 years old, and has battled injuries over the years. He was born in Washington, grew up in California and had a great career at Southern California. He is a .277/.347/.496 career hitter.

He hits the market at a time when any number of teams could use a corner outfield bat. The question simply becomes whether or not Jenkins is worth the pursuit. Here are some key numbers that help offer clarity as to what sort of player a potential new team would be acquiring.

                    AVG   OBP   SLG   OPS+
2005               .292  .375  .513   130   
2006               .271  .357  .434   101  
2007               .255  .319  .471   101
Three-Year Splits  .274  .353  .474   NA
             AVG   OBP   SLG
Vs. Right   .262  .326  .482
Vs. Left    .215  .282  .415
             AVG   OBP   SLG
Vs. Right   .306  .381  .490
Vs. Left    .133  .265  .214
             AVG   OBP   SLG
Vs. Right   .307  .384  .538
Vs. Left    .255  .354  .452  

Advanced defensive metrics seem to suggest that Jenkins is a very good left fielder. Make me a General Manager and so long as I could use a left-handed stick with a steady corner outfield glove, I probably would not hesitate to offer Jenkins a two-year deal in the $12 million range or so.

Detroit Tigers left fielders posted a .673 OPS in 2007 while Cleveland left fielders were not much better at .718. I look for the Tigers to have Jenkins come in and hold down the fort until Cameron Maybin arrives in all his glory. I could also see Mark Shapiro and the Tribe inking Jenkins to become the player they would have liked to have had in Trot Nixon; a solid platoon corner outfielder who plays reliable defense and contributes solid production against right-handed hurlers.

- Patrick Sullivan, 11/4, 10:56 AM EST


If I remember correctly, Jenkins has been a bit injury prone throughout his career, yes?

As a Mets fan I think he makes a lot of sense for us. He could platoon with Alou in LF, while also giving some insurance in case the Mets either a) trade Lastings or b) Lastings struggles mightily.

Keeping Alou on the field should be a concern for the Mets, and bringing on Jenkins would be a way to do that, while ensuring Endy Chavez stays in the 4th OF role he is so effective in.

I think that the Mets make a lot of sense as well, Keith. I just wonder if Alou would be ok with being relegated to platoon duties. When he is healthy, I imagine he'll want to be in there.

As many outfielders as the Indians have, I don't see Jenkins as an improvement over Gutierrez or Francisco at this stage of his career. A few years ago he was a lot more appealing. They could use a bat for LF, but I don't see Jenkins as the solution. They still have a bunch of similar types on the payroll for next year. If Delucci comes back from an awful season it could work with Michaels in LF, but it sure isn't an allstar at every position like in the 90's.