Baseball BeatJanuary 02, 2009
Foto Friday #9: You Make the Call
By Rich Lederer

Is the runner safe or out?

Oh, and who is the runner? While you're at it, who are the second baseman and shortstop? For bonus points, name the second base umpire.

As with all Foto Fridays, be sure to give the date, the names of the teams, and the location.

Have fun with it and best of luck.




I'm going to guess:

Game Played on Sunday, August 10, 1975 at Anaheim Stadium - only one shadow leads me to believe it was a day game.

Baserunner is Bobby Bonds.
Second baseman is Jerry Remy.
Shortstop is Rudy Meoli.
Umpire is Jerry Neudecker.

I don't know if he was safe or out, as he was successful stealing second and thrown out stealing second in this game.

If that isn't Bobby Bonds, then all my guesses are off - that is the only clue I used to try and solve this one...

The easy part is the teams; Yanks vs. Angels. Easy too is the location: the Big A in Anaheim. (Can't be Spring Training, since they train in FL and AZ respectively). As for the Yank, I'll say it's Bobby Bonds, which would make the year 1975. If that's true, the keystone combo for the Angels looks either Italian or Latino. I will, therefore, say it's the Red-dog, Jerry Remy, taking the throw and Rudy Meoli backing up. And for what it's worth, Bonds looks like he's going to be out by a foot or so.

I forgot to guess the umpire. I'll say Lou DiMuro, if for not other reason than to once again recall the name of one of the most star-crossed umps in history.

I'll agree with Breaker's guess on the date and people involved, and hazard a guess that Bonds was safe, given that he stole second in the 3rd inning and was caught in the 6th. The near-vertical shadows suggest that it took place very close to solar noon, which is more consistent with a third inning event.

Oh, and since it wasn't explicitly stated, the teams are the California Angels and the New York Yankees.

Breaker got the date, the location, the teams, the players, and the umpire correct. Congratulations! Well done.

As for being safe or out, I can't say definitively, but my guess is that Bonds was called out on this attempt. He was thrown out by catcher Ike Hampton in the top of the sixth inning. The infield looks as if it had just been dragged at the end of five. Remy and Meoli's uniforms are clean but neither had reached base at this point in the game. That said, I wouldn't rule out Mayor McFleas reasoning re the shadows, suggesting this play occurred in the third inning when Bonds stole second.

I find it more interesting that the umpire is working outside instead of inside. Notice the position he has taken. Umpires now work inside when working 2B.