Baseball BeatJuly 01, 2003
Getting Off The Ground
By Rich Lederer

What they are writing about Rich's Weekend Baseball BEAT, a new blog for fanatics, sabermetricians, and students of the game's history. Specializing in player evaluations, comparisons, and rankings.

1. Mike Carminati, Mike's Baseball Rants:

Shouts Out

I have added two new links on the left. One is Rich Lederer's Weekend Baseball Beat, which features an article on Rocco Baldelli and his real-deal-ness. As for me, Baldelli's name still reminds me of Dann Bilardello too much for me to expect more than his being the D-Rays rep on the All-Star squad this year. If you want an in-depth analysis read Rich's article.

2. David Pinto, Baseball Musings:

Blog News

Richard Lederer has a new blog, Rich's Weekend Baseball BEAT. Check out his article on Rocco Baldelli.

3. David Bloom, D-Rays Blog:

Monday, June 30, 2003

The BEAT stands for Baseball Editorials, Analysis, and Talk

Rich's Weekend Baseball BEAT is a new blog for baseball fanatics, sabermetricians, and students of the game's history. The first article Is Rocco Baldelli The Real Deal? is worth checking out.

4. John Bonnes,

Other Stuff

if you're looking for more baseball coverage...
I've added a new blog, Rich's Weekend Baseball Beat, which talks about Rocco Baldelli's future.

5. Jay Jaffe, Futility Infielder:

I'd like to call your attention to a new blog, Rich's Weekend Baseball BEAT. Rich's first piece is on the American League's newest freak of nature, Devil Rays outfielder Rocco Baldelli. Rich looks at Rocco's hot start, his lack of plate discipline, and some historical parallels for the pride of Woonsocket, Rhode Island. Good stuff.

Editor's Note: These blogs are among the most established, widely read, and best written in the baseball blog business. Thank you for your support in helping get Rich's Weekend Baseball BEAT off the ground.

Check back in over the long weekend for at least two new versions of Rich's Weekend Baseball BEAT.

Happy Fourth of July!