WTNYSeptember 05, 2003
Blogger Sucks!
By Bryan Smith

I had a whole column written out responding to Jayson Stark's last column. In the end, I gave my top 12 free agents, which I'll re-do. I'll re-write the article this weekend, and post it Sunday when Blogger isn't screwing me over.

1. Vladimir Guerrero
2. Gary Sheffield
3. Miguel Tejada
4. Kevin Millwood
5. Bartolo Colon
6. Mike Cameron
7. Pudge Rodriguez
8. Sidney Ponson
9. Luis Castillo
10. Andy Pettite
11. Javy Lopez
12. Shannon Stewart

I'd also like to thank Will Carroll, who mentioned me in yesterday's UTK. Will is going to interview Britt Burns soon, and I'll pass along the information. Have a good weekend, and please check back Sunday.