WTNYJune 01, 2004
One More Day
By Bryan Smith

That's how long you'll have to wait for your regularly scheduled Wait 'Til Next Year broadcast. I witnessed the Cubs beat the Astros today, and Greg Maddux start of old left me with the highest Cubs feeling I've had in weeks. Well, maybe that other announcement had something to do with it too.

Thanks for all the response on my draft piece over at the Hardball Times, I really appreciate any thoughts or criticism. This week I should also have a piece up there on the 1998 draft, looking at the success rate of players and such.

While I won't be making an extended entry until tomorrow, here are a few draft thoughts:

- I really hope the Padres aren't considering anyone but Jered Weaver. Sure, he got racked by Miami this week, but how many teams have lit up Jeff Niemann or Justin Verlander?

- That being said, I don't understand spending a top five pick on either of those two players. The Tigers would be smart to choose Stephen Drew, letting the 6-9 Niemann fill the tabloid pages of New York magazines for a couple of days.

- Peter Gammons likes Jeremy Sowers more than anyone else in the draft this year, and I can't really agree with him. Sowers is the left-handed version of Jeremy Guthrie, currently taking that Eastern League course over again.

- Want a late first round steal? Why not gamble on Jeff Larish, and bet money that his ugly first half is not indicative of the bat he really has. He's been coming on strong of late, and I think him and Dustin Pedroia will make good picks in the 25-35 slots.

That's all for now...