Baseball BeatFebruary 09, 2005
Counting Down the Days
By Rich Lederer

Tip of the cap to Jeffrey Agnew, the proprietor of, a blog "dedicated to fans of Long Beach State Dirtbags baseball," for pointing me toward a couple of paragraphs in the "Angel Report" in today's Los Angeles Times.

Negotiations between the Angels and the representative for first-round draft pick Jered Weaver are ongoing, and although a deal does not appear imminent, the sides seem to be making progress. Weaver, the former Long Beach State ace who was the 12th overall pick, is seeking a signing package in the $10-million range.

"We're still in the initial negotiating process, talking about the market, having dialogue, exchanging proposals," agent Scott Boras said. "Everyone wants to get this resolved. Certainly, we're trying to move this forward, but you have to understand, Jered is not your typical draft pick. He's major league ready."

I forget, did I say "any day now" or "any week now"? Oh well, I still believe that Jered Weaver will sign with the Angels prior (bad choice of words?) to spring training. It's simply in the best interests of both sides.

Pitchers and catchers report on Wednesday, February 16. Yes, that is one week from today. There's nothing like a deadline when it comes to completing a task. Now that Scott Boras has the Magglio Ordonez fleecing behind him, he can focus his time and attention on getting Weaver signed, sealed, and delivered.


Clearly Boras' #1 priority as of last week was to get Magglio a home. Now I'm sure he's got his sights set on getting Weaver and Drew in camp ASAP.