WTNYDecember 23, 2005
Diego Draftees
By Bryan Smith

For the second time this year, I have an article up today over at Baseball Prospectus. The piece is a review of the 1995-2004 San Diego Padres drafts, which tells us a little bit about how they should have treated re-signing Giles, Hoffman and Hernandez.

Hint: historically, this is not a team that should be really concerned about adding compensatory picks, so they made the right moves in my book.

Check out the piece over there, and if you have any comments, as always drop them below, or e-mail me.

And of course, if you are at all interested in the 2006 draft, and the pitchers at the top, check out my first article.

Merry Christmas!


I don't subscribe to Prospectus so I can't read the article but it may interest you to know that I looked at those same drafts for the Padres earlier this year: Position Players Drafted: 1995-2004 and Pitchers Drafted: 1995-2004.

Interesting stuff, although I don't know that I'd want to make any conclusions about whether they should re-sign their free agents, especially with Grady Fuson now at the helm.

Overall good recap style article @ BP. I could have done w/o the 1999 "Suggested picks". Hindsight is too easy on drafts. I think it's fairplay to say, such and such scouting director didn't produce enough talent. People should be accountable for the track record of their performance. But, years later, specifically saying that he should have drafted these 7 guys who are now major leaguers instead of the 7 busts he took is bunk. It doesn't work that way. But, I think you know that... b/c you really didn't harp on the fact he didn't take Bigbie/Morneau/et al.