Baseball BeatJuly 02, 2007
Meet the Analysts
By Rich Lederer

Every once in a while, I like to thank our readers publicly and communicate what we have in store at Baseball Analysts. The site, whose origins go back to 2003, has been operating for 2 1/2 seasons. We have undergone some changes over the past year and now offer a full slate of writers/analysts.

I wrote a State of the Site on our second anniversary in February. Since then, we have added another analyst to our staff. Joe Sheehan, who is the pioneer in studying and presenting data supplied by MLB's GameDay, has filled a valuable niche in an area that arguably is on the cusp of combining scouting and performance analysis. Joe's articles should be must reads for the intermediate and advanced fan, as well as baseball insiders.

Our goal at Baseball Analysts is to examine the past, present, and future with a primary focus on college, minor league, and major league players and teams. We have a sabermetric bent but pride ourselves in being more than just a bunch of statheads. All of us played baseball and are both students and fans of the game.

The expanded Lineup Card now features six contributors. I have gotten into the routine of taking Mondays, Marc Hulet owns Tuesdays, Patrick Sullivan Wednesdays, our guest columnists generally handle Thursdays, while Joe Sheehan and Jeff Albert rotate on Fridays. Al Doyle is our roving writer and can be read on any given day of the week. We have added The Weekend Blog this year with the hope of providing coverage on Saturdays and Sundays as well.

Rich Lederer
Age: 52
Married, 2 Children
Column: Baseball Beat
Occupation: Money Manager
Hometown: Long Beach, CA
College: USC
Favorite Team(s): Angels and Dodgers
Favorite Baseball Player: Lou Gehrig
Favorite Athlete (non-Baseball): Pistol Pete

Marc Hulet
Age: 30
Column: Around the Minors
Occupation: Newspaper Editor/Reporter
Hometown: Ontario, Canada
College: Conestoga College and the University of Western Ontario
Favorite Team(s): Blue Jays and Diamondbacks
Favorite Baseball Player: Pat Borders
Favorite Athlete (non-Baseball): baseball or nothing

Patrick Sullivan
Age: 27
Column: Change Up
Occupation: Consulting Services
Hometown: Boston, MA
College: University of Pennsylvania
Favorite Team: Boston Red Sox
Favorite Baseball Player: Pedro Martinez
Favorite Athlete (non-baseball): Cam Neely

Joe Sheehan
Age: 23
Column: Command Post
Occupation: Tow Truck Dispatcher
Hometown: Winchester, MA
College: Oberlin
Favorite Team: Red Sox
Favorite Baseball Player: Scott Cooper
Favorite Athlete (non-Baseball): Lebron James

Jeff Albert
Age: 26
Column: The Batter's Eye
Occupation: Graduate Student (Exercise Science)
Hometown: Rochester, NY
College: Butler, Louisiana Tech
Favorite Team: Currently on the Brewers' bandwagon
Favorite Baseball Player: Darryl Strawberry
Favorite Athlete (non-Baseball): Tiger Woods

Al Doyle
Age: 48
Married, 4 children
Column: Past Times
Occupation: Freelance writer
Hometown: Oshkosh, Wis. (born a mile from Wrigley Field)
Favorite current players: Jeff Cirillo, Greg Maddux, Chad Bradford, Mark Loretta, Julio Franco
Favorite retired players: Tony Gwynn, Scott McGregor, Mickey Lolich, Manny Mota, Dan Quisenberry, Steve Reed, Ray Oyler, Marty Barrett, Pete Gray
Favorite baseball announcer: Vin Scully
Favorite athlete (other sports): I didn't know there were any sports besides baseball. While I'm not a huge football fan. Walter Payton is the one player I'd build my team around.

We are always on the lookout for talented contributors, whether as part of our staff or guest columnists. In addition, Baseball Analysts has also grown to the point where we could use a technical services type staff member, preferably with an expertise using the Movable Type publishing platform and perhaps web design and/or site maintenance. A webmaster, if you will. For the right person, this position could also be an opportunity to write an occasional article and make posts on our weekend blog. Let me know if you are interested in joining our team at Baseball Analysts.

Our readership is growing and ranks among the most intelligent in the baseball world. All of us value your time as well as your loyalty and support. Let us know what it is you like or dislike about the site in the comments section below or via email to any or all of us, and we will do our best to emphasize (or de-emphasize as the case may be) these features.

Thank you.


I visit this site daily and love most of the material in the articles. But two articles in particular stuck out for me. They were the articles on the 8th and 29th of January 2007. They were both a scatter plot of GB% vs K%. I thought it was interesting to see where pitchers matched up in respect to other minor leaguers. I think it would be interesting to do other scatter plots with both pitchers(maybe WHIPvsISP) and batters (maybe LD%vsBB%) or anything else that would seem appropriate.

The Baseball Analysts is one of the first things I check out on my feed reader every day. It's good sh**, but you knew that already. And I seriously admire Sheehan's initiative with MLB's GameDay data. Keep up the good work (and keep it free!)

OK, Sheehan's a liar. I'd believe the "tow truck operator" before I'd believe the "Favorite Team: Red Sox". Fess up, Joe!

Joe Sheehan only 23? That's got to be a typo right there! But oh well. I've enjoyed this site beyond the Blyleven coverage.

*Our* Joe Sheehan is 23. BP's Joe Sheehan can't make that same claim. Two different Joe Sheehans. We try to distinguish between them by adding the middle initial "P" in the byline attached to Joe's articles at Baseball Analysts.

Rich - Seriously? Two different people named Joe Sheehan?

I wouldn't kid you, Matty. Not only two different people named Joe Sheehan but two different baseball writers on the internet named Joe Sheehan!

Rich beat me to it, but I'm not the same guy as the BP Joe Sheehan. I'm 23, and it's not a 'Danny Almonte' 23.