Change-UpAugust 26, 2008
AL Contenders: Remaining Schedules
By Patrick Sullivan

We are entering the home stretch and four teams in the American League are having it out for three post-season spots. Presented below is relevant data pertaining to each contender's schedule make-up. One note; WAOWP means Weighted Average Opponents' Win Percentage.

Tampa Bay

W-L: 79-50, 1st in the AL East
Games Remaining: 33
Home: 16
Away: 17
WAOWP: .524
Home Record: 47-18
Road Record: 32-32


W-L: 75-55, 2nd in the AL East, 1st in AL Wild Card
Games Remaining: 32
Home: 20
Away: 12
WAOWP: .532
Home Record: 43-18
Road Record: 32-37

Chicago White Sox

W-L: 74-55, 1st in AL Central
Games Remaining: 31
Home: 13
Away: 18
WAOWP: .518
Home Record: 46-21
Road Record: 28-34


W-L: 74-56, 2nd in AL Central, 2nd in AL Wild Card
Games Remaining: 31
Home: 12
Away: 19
WAOWP: .491
Home Record: 46-23
Road Record: 28-33

So there you have it. Make of it what you will. Minnesota's schedule is easy but like the rest of the contenders they suck on the road. Boston has a bunch of home games but they play stiff competition. I am not sure we learn much from this, but there it is nonetheless.


Really, you left out the Yankees, despite them having over a 4% chance by every playoff odds report? Considering their 3 game series with the Red Sox starts tonight, it's not so impossible for them to be in it.

I am a Red Sox fan, and will probably now have hell to pay for skipping NYY, Adam B. Anyway, here you go.


W-L: 70-60, 3rd in AL East
Games Remaining: 32
Home: 16
Away: 16
WAOWP: .543
Home Record: 38-27
Road Record: 32-33

If the Yankees make the playoffs and the Red Sox don't, it'll become the Great 2008 Curse of WAOWP List Omission.

"Minnesota's schedule is easy but like the rest of the contenders they suck at home."

You mean "suck on the road", right?

Oy, fixed that, Kevin.

And nice, Rob. I like it.

From here on out, the Rays can go something like 16-17 and the Red Sox would still need to play about 6 games over .500 in order to win the division and get some kind of home field advantage. Not impossible by any means (see: 2007 Mets), but it does make reality a little hard on Boston.

what if both Boston and the Yankees miss the playoffs?

ESPN would implode upon itself.
thats what.