Change-UpSeptember 18, 2008
Getting it Done, Offense Edition
By Patrick Sullivan

What follows is my Getting it Done All-Stars; those players playing for contenders doing everything that they can to push their clubs into the post-season. There are many doing their part, but I decided to break it down by position. I will follow up with Pitchers a bit later on. The numbers posted are how these players have performed since August 1st.

Pos   Name       Team   AVG   OBP   SLG
C     Soto       CHC   .309  .390  .512
1B    Pujols     STL   .355  .449  .697
2B    Pedroia    BOS   .358  .422  .608
3B    Wigginton  HOU   .331  .361  .710
SS    Drew       ARI   .320  .348  .550
OF    Ramirez    LAD   .400  .485  .738
OF    Ethier     LAD   .366  .431  .697
OF    Murphy     NYM   .362  .445  .543
DH    Ortiz      BOS   .263  .388  .506

I love Manny Ramirez, did not even really begrudge him on the way out and yet I truly cannot believe how ridiculously he has performed in Los Angeles. I did not know he was good enough to put together the stretch he has.


Interesting that no contender has a DH doing anything better than the best C or middle infielder.