Change-UpSeptember 05, 2008
Oh, No
By Patrick Sullivan

This sucks.

Carlos Quentin's season appears to be over as the White Sox left fielder and MVP candidate suffered a fractured right wrist that will require surgery Monday, according to sources.


this is devastating news.
I feel like my dad just ran over my dog, then drove over a cliff, and his car exploded.

terrible news.

My Sox season isnt over, but the playoffs dont look as fun any more.

What's funny is how he broke it, I bet he'll never do that again

It was an extremely foolish thing to do.

Hopefully he and other players take note - your bodys are not invincable.

I hold my breath every time I'm watching a ball game and I see a player strike out and then break the bat over their leg. So stupid.

If you want to vent, do it in a manner that will guarentee you do not injure yourself.