Change-UpSeptember 09, 2008
When Narratives Go Wrong: Cinderella Edition
By Patrick Sullivan

John Romano's article this morning in the St. Pete Times was titled Rays have lost fighting spirit.

For much of the year, the Rays looked like improbable contenders. And now, at the most critical moment, they are playing that way.

They insist it is not the pressure of being in first place that is making them lose.

We'll soon find out if that is true, because they won't have that pressure much longer.

Does beating Papelbon at Fenway after an electrifying, dramatic, go-ahead eighth inning home run by Jason Bay count as pressure?

Let me know, John Romano.


good material thanks

Ha. I think thats what we call 'Foot in Mouth' syndrome.

The Rays read the article, were inspired for the first time in awhile, and won because of it!

The media's incessant need to put narrative to what are essentially individual events can be maddening.

Still, the Sox are the better team, Paps blowup or not. And it doesn't even matter, because both teams are going to the playoffs (assuming there is no real '07 Mets-level meltdown).

um...yeah, it does matter. sure, both teams are probably going to the playoffs, but i think there is quite a difference between playing the chisox/twins in a five game series with homefield advantage and having to face the angels without that advantage. not to mention that, assuming both teams were able to get past the first round, the division winner would have homefield advantage for the LCS, a fact worth noting since the season series stands at 13-2 in favor of the home team.