Change-UpOctober 14, 2008
Quick ALCS Thoughts
By Patrick Sullivan

I was at Fenway and did not get to catch much of the Phills-Dodgers game last night, so I will just share a few random thoughts on the ALCS.

  • My seats behind home plate offered a great glimpse of both pitchers, so let me just state the obvious; Matt Garza was incredible yesterday. He was touching 96 into the seventh inning, mixing in a devastating breaking ball and pounding the ball both inside and out. I am not sure any team could have beaten Tampa Bay yesterday with the way Garza was throwing.

  • Yesterday was the fourteenth time I have attended a Red Sox post-season game at Fenway Park, and it was the most dead post-season crowd there I can remember. I am not sure that means anything

  • Jacoby Papitek, also known as Captain's how he has fared in 40 ALCS plate appearances: .000/.150/.000

  • It was fun to watch Jon Lester go at it with BJ Upton and Evan Longoria yesterday. The Rays got the better of Lester this time but there are a lot of young, terrific players for both clubs that will be seeing each other quite a bit in the coming years.

  • Comments

    The 14th? Lucky dog. Tonight will mark my second, with Beckett and the three run single defeat having been my first. The crowd at that game was ok, I've been to louder regular season games.

    It's sad to say, but the more I see 'Tek hit this post-season the more I think he either needs to retire or come back solely as a backup next year. A two year extension (which is what I was thinking he should get before this season began, contingent on his performance) means we'll be watching him make a serious run at the Mendoza Line.

    Ortiz is worrying, since the guy clearly is trying to pull everything for a homer. Where's the Papi we know and love who can float a pop fly over the Monster?