Baseball BeatJune 10, 2009
By Rich Lederer

I was a guest last night on 590 KFNS, a St. Louis radio station known as The Fan. The show, which runs weeknights from 10 p.m. to 12 a.m. CT, was hosted by The Benchwarmers, Brendan Wiese and Nick Barrale. We discussed the first day of the MLB Draft. You can access it on the radio station's rewind today or directly below.


Rich sure knows the people in the draft. Some team should put him on contract as an advisor.His idea on spending the bucks on draftees makes such good $ sense.

Agree. Baseball consultant. Or more radio appearances. Good stuff.

Awesome Rich.

Richard that was awesome!!! -amy

I liked your comments about drafting a mix of ages and potential and building teams through the draft. I also think that too many GMS feel that free agents are a sure thing, but in reality they aren't much safer than the draft - check the Dodgers free agent track record. And, they are so much more costly. You are the most insightful baseball expert on the planet! -Ted

Paul, William, Brian, Amy and Teddy: Thanks for listening and posting your comments. Much appreciated.