Change-UpOctober 07, 2009
ALDS Linkaroo
By Patrick Sullivan

We considered giving an in-depth series preview the ol' college try for the Minnesota Twins and New York Yankees ALDS match-up but by the time the Twins secured the AL Central, so many good previews were already popping up at some great sights around the web, there wasn't much to add. Here's a sampling:

  • Our friends at Beyond the Boxscore take readers through the month that was and the single elimination game that was for the Minnesota Twins and Detroit Tigers. Read it. The big takeaway for me? Baseball's pretty awesome.

  • David Pinto at Baseball Musings has an in-depth look at the ALDS and comes away with the inescapable conclusion that the Twins have what is probably at best a 25% chance of winning this series. They're a tired, inferior team.

  • Aaron Gleeman sets up the Series about as well as I have seen:

    This is David versus Goliath, if Goliath wore pinstripes and David was tired from dousing himself with champagne the night before, but fortunately for the Twins their slingshot is still warm.

  • SG at Replacement Level Yankees Weblog takes a very in-depth look at the Twins.

  • Our guy Dave Allen offers a great look at the Twins as well over at Fangraphs.

    Papa Bear Rich Lederer chimed in with the following:

    The ALDS between Minnesota and New York can be summed up by tonight's pitching matchup: Twins (Brian Duensing) at Yankees (C.C. Sabathia)

    Brian Duensing? Oh my!

    Nine big league starts. In New York. Vs. The Yankees lineup. A small lefty finesse pitcher who spent more time in the minors than the majors this season. In three years at AAA, he has a 4.00 ERA with more hits allowed than innings and a 5.6 K/9 rate.

    The Twins just got into the Big Apple this morning, weary-eyed and all. The Yankees are well rested. The Twins are relieved to be still playing. The Yankees won't be happy unless they win the World Series.

    Oh, did I mention that the Yankees swept all seven games in head-to-head play this year? Well, it says here that the Bronx Bombers will make it 10 out of 10. Yankees in three.

    I'm afraid I am with Rich here.

    We'll have an in-depth roundtable previewing the Sox-Halos series tomorrow. Come on back!