Baseball BeatDecember 12, 2009
A Recap of the Winter Meetings
By Rich Lederer

We debut Baseball Analysts Radio today. While not technically radio, it is our attempt to provide audio content to supplement the daily articles written by analysts Dave Allen, Sky Andrecheck, Jeremy Greenhouse, Marc Hulet, Chris Moore, Patrick Sullivan, and me, as well as special guest columnists that have included many established and up-and-coming voices in the baseball world.

The first segment covers the just concluded Winter Meetings. I detail more than 15 trades and free agent signings, offering both news and views on these transactions. I'm planning to add more commentary on the three-way trade among the Yankees, Tigers, and Diamondbacks, plus the Chone Figgins signing in our next episodes.

We hope you enjoy this new feature at Baseball Analysts.


I'm glad to see you guys are starting a podcast. I live abroad and listen to quite a few of please humor me as I offer (unasked for)suggestions.
The best baseball podcast around is Rotowire's Fantasy Sports Hour, but as of Friday it's being cut from 5 episodes to 1 per week, which is too bad. There are two others -- the Fantasy Baseball Roundtable and The Fantasy Face-off -- that are listenable (as in, most are not listenable). The Roundtable is a good show because it's a roundtable. People exchanging ideas...sometimes disagreeing. I think you guys could do something like that and have some success -- get three or four of you on Skype, occasionally invite someone from Fangraphs or BTB, and it could be really interesting. All three of the above shows are statistics friendly, but they're all fantasy oriented, so sometimes the analysis is directed on the fantasy game instead of baseball specifically.
Baseball America occasionally does podcasts and those are good, but very infrequent.
Anyway, good luck with it....

I agree with Aaron.

Brand new to you website. Glad you are there.
I sould appreciate your service more if when discussing pitchers, you would make clear in the early going, if they are right of left handed. This would be especially applicable when you illustrate your items with the strike zone analysis. It makes a lot of difference with breaking pitches,for example.
Keep up the good work. I'll be chicking in often.
By the way, what is a URL? If I have one. your're welcome to it.

Great idea and execution, Rich. Would love to hear this regularly, even in a longer format.

I like the audio idea and enjoyed downloading and listening to a consolidated recap of the Winter Meetings as I performed chores around the house over the weekend. I hope this one isn't the last.

Do you have an RSS for the podcast feed? I'd like to subscribe to it in itunes so I can catch all of your episodes. Love listening to this kind of thing during my commute.

Thank you for the comments. We do not have an RSS feed yet but are hopeful of turning this feature into a full-fledged podcast. In the meantime, you can download the file by clicking on the "divShare" logo or name.