Baseball BeatApril 09, 2004
A Perfect Ten
By Rich Lederer

A day after watching his brother pitch impressively at Dodger Stadium in front of nearly 27,000 fans, Jered Weaver returned to the hill Friday with Jeff among the 309 in attendance as the visiting Long Beach State 49ers defeated Cal State Northridge, 15-4, in the Big West Conference opener.

Despite allowing three runs in a game for the first time this season, the younger Weaver ran his record to 10-0 in ten starts. The junior righthander was far from his best, matching his season-low with six strikeouts and allowing two walks for only the second time this year. He also gave up a home run and benefited from a couple of outstanding defensive plays by center fielder Steve Velazco. (Box Score)

After the game, Weaver told beat writer Gordon Verrell of the (Long Beach) Press-Telegram:

"I wasn't 100 percent. I didn't have my good stuff at times. But I was pitching with a lead, and you're going to pitch a little differently than if it's tied."

Coach Mike Weathers echoed Weaver's comments:

"He didn't have his great stuff. He didn't strike everybody out. But he did a good job pitching with the lead."

The All-American leads the nation in wins (10) and strikeouts (106) and is fifth in ERA (1.13).



1 Jered Weaver, LBSU 10
2 Michael Martin, UCSB 8
2 Matt Fox, Central FL 8
4 J. P Howell, Texas 7
4 Spencer Grogan, Okla St 7
4 Eddie Cannon, FSU 7
4 Matt O'Brien, FL Atl 7
4 Jason Urquidez, ASU 7
4 Michael Gardner, Tex-Arl 7
4 Jarrett Santos, UNC-Greens 7
4 Jeff Gilmore, Dallas Baptist 7
4 Justin Simmons, Texas 7
4 Dennis Robinson, Jacksonville 7


1 Alan Drechsler, LeMoyne 0.84
2 David Ayre, Lipscomb 0.93
3 Drew Bigda, Holy Cross 0.95
4 Kyle Bono, Central FL 1.00
5 Jered Weaver, LBSU 1.13
6 Casey Janssen, UCLA 1.15
7 Josh Bell, Auburn 1.19
8 Jose Pena, Southern 1.23
8 Nick Murphy, Albany 1.23
10 Phillip Davidson, No Car St 1.26


1 Jered Weaver, LBSU 106
2 Thomas Diamond, New Orl 78
3 Wade Townsend, Rice 77
3 Tim Lincecum, Washington 77
3 Ian Kennedy, USC 77
6 Scott Shoemaker, SDSU 75
7 Justin Verlander, Old Dom 74
8 Philip Humber, Rice 72
8 Matt Fox, Central FL 72
10 J. P Howell, Texas 70

Source: Boyd's World

Last year, Weaver was third in wins (14) and sixth in strikeouts (144) and ERA (1.96). Only Jeff Niemann of Rice ranked ahead of Weaver in all three stats with 17 wins, 156 Ks, and an ERA of 1.70. The 6'9", 260 pound Owl got off to a slow start this year owing to minor elbow surgery last fall but has pitched well of late and is now 5-2 on the season with 60 strikeouts and an ERA of 2.68.

Weaver, Niemann, and Justin Verlander of Old Dominion are considered three of the top pitching prospects. Niemann's teammates Philip Humber and Wade Townsend are also potential first-round picks in the upcoming draft.


I always enjoy reading about Jered....don't take the teasing about obsession too hard, I own every single box score (major and minor league) that Brooks Kieschnick has played since 1995 (when I was in 7th grade)....I actually got a chance to see Humber throw on Friday night....He too didn't have his best stuff (although he K'ed 12). I think the nice pitching line he ended up with had more to do with poor hitting than great pitching....I wrote the game up at my site if you're interested.....

Ryan - Thanks for the comments and for pointing me toward your Humber article. How would you rank Niemann, Townsend, and Humber? And does the coach abuse his pitchers or not?

I got to see Niemann throw during the Super Regionals last year and I think he is the most likely to succeed at the next level. Townsend has really good stuff, but he is extremely emotional on the hill.

Niemann started off the year coming off of surgery and didn't do very well in Feb./early March but has really turned it on the last month and a half.

Personally, I'd rank'em 1.Niemann, 2. Townsend 3. Humber.

As for PC and PAP, Graham really likes to ride his horses (remember that former 1st Round picks Kenny Baugh (2001) and Matt Anderson (1997) came from Rice)....I'll email you my stats (including PCs and PAP) on Niemann/Townsend/Humber since I've been following and recording their seasons....