Baseball BeatJanuary 10, 2005
January Bonus
By Rich Lederer

Rich's Weekend Baseball BEAT has been given the distinct honor of being featured by ESPN senior writer Rob Neyer as the link of the month on his home page. Rob's columns can be found on ESPN Insider, the premium level of's baseball coverage. His older articles can still be accessed without charge via the Rob Neyer Archives.

Rich's Weekend Baseball Beat
Richard Lederer's weekly essay is just one part of the excellent, but I'm spotlighting Rich's work because it's always good, and because I want everybody who's interested in Bill James to know about Rich's series of articles about James's 1980s Baseball Abstracts. You'll have to dig around a little to find those articles, but for you Bill James aficionados it's worth the effort.

Thanks, Rob. To make it as easy as possible for readers to find the reviews from the Abstracts From The Abstracts series, I have placed the links to the entire series below.

Abstracts From The Abstracts:

1977 Baseball Abstract
1978 Baseball Abstract
1979 Baseball Abstract
1980 Baseball Abstract
1981 Baseball Abstract
1982 Baseball Abstract
1983 Baseball Abstract
1984 Baseball Abstract
1985 Baseball Abstract
1986 Baseball Abstract
1987 Baseball Abstract
1988 Baseball Abstract



Congrats! A just reward after a tremendous series.

Niiiice. A very well-deserved honor, my friend.

Congratulations! Your abstracts of the abstracts make for great reading. I will certainly be bookmarking this page - please update it if you post more abstracts!